Zipline Canopy Tour – Unmatched Adventure Waiting for You

Canopy adventures are quite popular in forest destinations. But do you know, the Dominican Republic also gives you a chance to experience it! The magical land of Punta Cana has so many adventurous offerings, awaiting to get explored by you. Many do not know about the zipline trip over the tropical greens on the island, for which they end up spending the complete trip on the beach! Why not experience it all while enjoying the magical marine destination?

Something unique for a coastal destination!

Restricting yourself to only the marine activities and beaches does not do justice to your trip to Punta Cana. With the zipline canopy adventure, you get to capture the amazing and exotic landscape in your heart. Get to fly above the dense forests of the Anamuya mountains while hanging from the zipped hangers. Feel like a bird while you fly in the horizontal superman posture with protective gears on every side.

A view to capture in your heart

It is a view that stays fresh in your eyes and an experience that will give you goosebumps whenever you recollect it! With Trip2PuntaCana, you get the best zipline canopy tour package that covers it all! The aerial view of the tropical greens with a speed of 70kmph will give you the best kind of adrenaline rush. There are multiple stops during the canopy trip where you can pause for a while and click the pictures of the best views.

Flying over the lush green mountains

With nine zipline connectors over the Anamuya mountains, you can fly over forests, mountain foothills, and rivers. The bird’s eye view of the complete island is easy to capture from such a height. The longest line in the zipline is about 1,600 meters which are certain to give your stomach a thrilling rush!

A complete plan sorted for you

You do not have to plan anything with the zipline trips. The arrangers have a sorted plan for you so that you can cover it all in one go. It is a complete trip of about four to five hours, including a round trip to your hotel. The arrangers drive you to the adventure station by driving through the foothills of Anamuya to reach a certain height. The guide and instructor will help you understand the tactics and inform you about the safety essentials. You get every necessary safety gear to ensure a protected and secured ride.

Nothing to worry about

You do not require taking any prior training or need to bring anything extra for the zipline trip. The arrangers supply you with everything for which the ride is completely stress-free. Whether it is the helmets, gloves, or tightening ropes, they supply it all and train you rightly. Wear light clothes and sneakers so that you stay comfortable all through the adventurous activity.

Punta Cana is waiting to get explored!

Do not worry about the safety measures of the zipline adventures and dive into the crazy ride with the best arrangers. Feel the nervousness and adrenaline rush while flying like a bird over the lush green beneath!

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