Unavoidable things to do in Santo Domingo Excursions

Planning a tour to Santo Domingo requires a bit of research. The reason is there are lots of things you can do at the destination. Planning the itinerary can take some time when you are unaware of the specific places you can visit. For enthusiastic tourists like you, here is a precise list of activities that you should not miss when you visit the place.

Visiting the famous Columbus Park


The exciting Santo Domingo excursions of Trip2PuntaCana include visiting the Columbus Park in one of the most important squares of the capital. Get bathed in bright sunshine and cool breeze strolling around the square. It has an imposing statue of Christopher Columbus.

Visiting the Catedral Primada de América- (written in other language)

The Catedral Primada de América is historically the first cathedral built in the Americas – so there is no question of missing it in your Santo Domingo tours. The architecture of the cathedral is captivatingly intricate. You would feel glad to know that the Santo Domingo tour packages have pretty competitive prices. You would not face any issues in managing the tour budget as the rates are very affordable. You would enjoy the tour with a good spending capacity.

Explore the Museum of the Royal Houses

It is 16th-cenury architecture. The majestic museum displays a wide range of collections of Taino artifacts. You would be completely fascinated by the detailed colonial furnishings. The museum has a beautiful courtyard in its interiors. The admission fee is nominal.

Visit the National Pantheon of Dominican Republic

In its initial days, the pantheon was church. After a couple of centuries, the government transformed it into a national museum, honoring important citizens in the country’s history. The ceiling of the pantheon is ornately painted. The gothic-style chandelier would amaze you.

Exploring Plaza Espana

If you are fond of spending relaxing time in expansive spaces outdoors, then Plaza Espana can be an excellent choice. It is a lovely square with a colorful park. There are numerous eateries at its edge, serving local delicacies. Spending an evening at the location is very fulfilling.

Mystery cave in the jungle, with sun rays over the turquoise and blue underground lake water. Lake Azufre. The 3 Eyes National Park (Los Tres Ojos) in Santo Domingo, Caribbean, Dominican Republic; Shutterstock ID 659902222; NOMBRE DE LA REVISTA: Travel And Leisure; NOMBRE DEL USUARIO: TravelWeb_Abish ; EDICION NUMERO: Web

Monasterio de San Francisco (written in other language)

It is yet another site of historical significance in Santo Domingo that you should never miss during your tour. The monastery is first of its kind to be constructed in the New World. It ash stood erect through ages, witnessing wars and natural disasters alike.

Choco Museum

There is no harm in indulging your sweet tooth during the itinerary. The Choco Museum is understandably a popular store in the Zona Colonial area of the city. There are tons of chocolate varieties you can explore. There is a provision to taste a few samples. The museum also displays documentary chronicles of producing chocolate form cacao seeds. It is refreshing to roam in the Choco museum and know about new things.

Rank the priorities

It is important to rank the priorities in order to remain organized. It helps in planning a good itinerary for the tour. Also, it is equally important to consult with a top tour operator before visiting Santo Domingo.

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