The Incredible Experience of Being a Part of Samana Whale Watching Tours

Whale watching in the deep sea waters of Samana or Punta Cana has gained popularity as a tourist activity in the recent times. You hire a boat and a professional guide, sail to the sea and watch the marvelous marine creatures. There are several little informative bits about such a tour. Continue reading.

Consulting with a tour operator

The first thing you need to do is consult about the trip with a veteran tour operator. Trip2PuntaCana, a reputable agency, has several years of experience arranging Samana Whale watching tours professionally. The service quality is world-class and very affordable.

The suitable season for whale watching

It is very important information to know. Visiting the seas in the wrong season can be a mistake. The Whale watching Samana season begins from mid-December and extends till mid-March. Roughly, it is a period of 3 months. Enquire more details from tourism experts regarding Dominican Republic Whale watching season.

You can customize the package

There is complete flexibility to customize the itinerary when you seek the services from a top-rated tour agency. Discuss the major travel priorities with the professional tour operators. The agency would meet your objectives.

The whale species you can witness

It is natural to have an interesting query – what are different varieties of whales one could witness? There are most chances of witnessing humpback whales. The species is in majority in the seas of Dominican Republic. They are enormous. The whales are 52 feet in length. An adult humpback whale can weigh more than 30 tons! The baby whale weighs about a ton.

Always follow your guide

It is a strict instruction to follow what the professional guide says in the whale watching tour. It would keep you safe and you can enjoy the tour more.

Hiring a cruise

The travel agency would arrange for a cruise for special whale watching trips. You simply need to relax. The cruise or the well-equipped boat has modern facilities. You would be impressed. There would also be delicious refreshments available on the deck.

Enjoying the golden coastline

Whale watching is not the only activity that would keep you busy. You can also opt for deep sea fishing sport sessions. Moreover, the view of the golden coastline from the sea is intensely mesmerizing. You are bound to be enamored by its pristine beauty.

Capturing the unforgettable frames

Do not forget to carry a high-end camera with you in your whale watching trips. You ought to capture the beautiful frames where the humpback whales frolic. The photographs are sweet memories of the tour. Such things would remain with you. You might want to revisit Samana for the same experience.

Discuss with tour operators

A simple advice to enhance the value of your itinerary is discussing the priorities with a suitable tour operator. Talk about the priorities you want to be in place during the itinerary of a whale watching tour. Accordingly, the travel agency experts can chalk out a customized plan. Check out the details and become ready for a wonderful vacation.

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