My # 1 of all the excursions that I have ever been on… Spicy was a great chaperone, super friendly and explained to us in detail what we were doing and that this wouldn’t be nothing like the traditional excursion.. The scenery as we drove to the top of the mountain was remarkable.. 1000% I personally took almost 50 – 100 pictures just on the ride up.. And once u get to the top. Your mouth will drop..!


There’s 5 swing at the top, all form great views and the photographer was very friendly. He has the eye for pictures.. All the pictures ane out Super Great.. We were able to stay up there relax a good while, before we started to head back down.. Next up was the ATVs.. Amazing ride and views were outstanding as well as the ride itself.. It was thru a nice town like area that lead to a coast, where we rode along the beach and took beautiful pictures as the sun set.. I highly recommend this excursions.. Ur gonna LOVE Ever bit of it..!!


Hello, I just wanted to write a quick review. Just wanted to recommend these guys as our experience was exceptional. Ralph picked us up perfectly on time from our hotel and then took us to a stop to get on ATV’s. We were met by a man named Richard, and then we followed him on our atvs onto the beaches of limon. The sight was just amazing and we had over an hour to go swimming in the crystal clear water and walk around.


When we went back to Richard, he took many pictures of us on the ATV’s and even had fresh coconut’s cut up for us to eat and drink. Then we headed back to Ralph, where he took us up to Montana Redonda. The view going up and being up there was just amazing. Ralph took many pictures of us and even videos when we were on the swing and on the Witcher broom. The experience was overall exceptional and definitely recommend these guys. It was our first excursion and me and my girlfriend loved it

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