Explore the Thrill of Buggy Tour in Punta Cana

The Dominican paradise Punta Cana has no shortage of entertainment options. One of the most scintillating experiences in the offerings is a buggy tour. You will be overjoyed exploring the rustic local region and forests by driving a buggy. Read the blog to know more details.


What is a buggy?

The important question is – what is a buggy? It is nothing but a simple jeep-like vehicle without any roof or door. It runs on 4 wheels, has a sturdy engine and robust structure. You can consult with the ever-reliable Funtrip2 travel agency for a comprehensive Buggy tour Punta Cana. The agency offers the best Dune Buggy tour Punta Cana at affordable prices.

Two major varieties of buggies

There are two main types of buggies available. The more common variety is the vehicle that has a single driver. The other one is a buggy with a provision for two drivers. It is your discretion to choose the buggy type on your Punta Cana Dune Buggy adventure.

The thrill of exploring different terrains

You will get engrossed in the activity – it is a surety. The terrains you would cover have many shades. Driving on sand dunes of golden beaches is common. You also cover tracks in the forest. Some of the paths can be rocky and bumpy. The buggy is strong enough to keep the passengers safe. You will have a quality time driving.

An abandoned quarry on the way

The route you take is a factor determining the types of tourist spots you will come across. It is likely that you will drive across an abandoned quarry. It is a mysterious but safe place that was once known for its quarry. You can stop at the place and roam around a bit.

Visiting local plantations

Accessing local farms becomes easier on buggies. It is due to the fact that it is a wonderful vehicle to reach remote places. You can comfortably visit the local plantations growing cocoa beans. You can witness the daily work-related chores of the local villages. It helps you to understand their culture.

Visiting the Taino Cave

Do not miss visiting the water-filled mystic Taino Cave on a buggy. The stop is at a close distance. Enter the cave and experience its echo. You will enjoy it. Take some photographs, although there is a scarcity of sunlight inside it.

Some refreshments on the way

There are stops in between. You and other passengers stop for eating and drinking. A trusted agency arranges for tasty food and drinks. You can even try local cuisines to experience new flavors. Fill your body with some energy to get back to the driver’s wheel.

Check out the itinerary

Speak with the travel agency to gather information about the itinerary of a buggy tour. Check out whether you can customize it affordably. It helps to add considerable value to your tour.

Enjoy to the fullest extent

Maintain the local protocols. At the end of the day, you would certainly return with sweet memories, craving for more.

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