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Unavoidable things to do in Santo Domingo Excursions

Planning a tour to Santo Domingo requires a bit of research. The reason is there are lots of things you can do at the destination. Planning the itinerary can take some time when you are unaware of the specific places you can visit. For enthusiastic tourists like you, here is a precise list of activities […]

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The Incredible Experience of Being a Part of Samana Whale Watching Tours

Whale watching in the deep sea waters of Samana or Punta Cana has gained popularity as a tourist activity in the recent times. You hire a boat and a professional guide, sail to the sea and watch the marvelous marine creatures. There are several little informative bits about such a tour. Continue reading. Consulting with […]

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Parasailing Adventure Tour in Punta Cana-Experience Fascinating Bird’s Eye View of Nature

Spicing your vacation with adventurous elements is an intriguing activity. Visiting and exploring the beauty of Punta Cana is in itself a gloriously enchanting feat. How about raising the intensity? Do you know that there are safe and luxurious provisions of parasailing on the spot? The rest of the blog provides with further information on […]

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Witness Nature Up-Close with Buggy Excursion Punta Cana

Punta Cana, the easternmost tourist destination of the Dominican Republic, offers the tourists a mixed bag of experiences. People all over the globe visit the place to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the Caribbean Sea. Adventurous activities and relaxing sessions at the beach, you get both in one trip! There is so much to offer […]

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Picking the Best from Punta Cana Trip Packages for a Memorable Trip!

Punta Cana, the tourist magnet in the Dominican Republic, is a complete wonderland! It is among the top picks for a tropical vacation. A perfect blend of the Caribbean Sea and the mountain ranges, Punta Cana is an amazing destination. Anyone looking for a complete experience of the best of seas, mountains, and forests, look […]

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Feel the Rush with Canopy Adventure Zip Line Tours in Punta Cana

Think about the first image when you hear Punta Cana. It is the beaches, right? But to your surprise, Punta Cana is way beyond only beaches and seafood. The land has diverse geographical topographies, which makes it a cherished travel destination. Every year so many tourists visit Punta Cana and get surprised with the offerings […]

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Explore the Dominican Republic Land with Funtrip2

Punta Cana is a land full of adventurous possibilities. Located at the easternmost point of the Dominican Republic, it is a tourist magnet. People all over the globe visit the place for the beautiful and exotic views of the confluence of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Caribbean land has a 32km beach […]

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